Better than Free Shipping

  • "Better than Free Shipping"
  • At first glance, it might seem that 'free shipping' would be less expensive than 'actual shipping'. But once you understand the economics and logistics behind shipping strategies, it starts to make more sense. Here’s a breakdown:
  • "Free Shipping" isn't truly free:
    When a company offers free shipping, they still have to pay the courier for their services. So, instead of charging you directly for shipping, they typically distribute this cost across their products. This usually means higher product prices to accommodate for the shipping fees.
  • Calculated Shipping is Precise:
    Calculated shipping rates are determined in real-time based on the exact weight, dimensions, destination, and preferred shipping method. This means you pay precisely for what it costs to ship your specific order to your location, using our discounted rates.
  • In Conclusion:
    While the allure of 'free shipping' is undeniable, it's essential for customers to understand that businesses have to account for these costs one way or another, and because the shipping is built into the products the more items you purchase the more shipping you are paying. Offering our customers the actual shipping cost allows us to keep our parts at the lowest price possible.. Always consider the total cost – product plus shipping – when making your purchasing decisions.